Do you remember me?
Do you remember me? world record poetry stories

katrynamarieang Community member
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the haunting memory of an assault

Do you remember me?

Do you remember me? I remember you

Every night your memory invades my dream

The first look. Our first spoken words. I thought you were the good one

Your name still rings in my ear

Your face is stitched on my memory

Do you remember my name….my face?

Do you think about me like I think about you?

The first kiss. The way our lips touched paralyzed my body

There was a deep connection. Did you feel it?

You lied to me. I trusted you

I wasn’t special. I was your next target. Your next object to exploit

I remember your cold hands on my bare skin and your eyes showing no remorse

Did you see the tear running down my face?

Would you have stopped?

I couldn’t lift a finger. I was paralyzed again

Your cold eyes looked right through me

The man that paralyzed me with his kiss was gone

Was it an act or did I change you

Was it the clothes that I was wearing, the way I looked at you or flipped my hair

Was I too irresistible

Was it my fault. could I have done something. Was it my fault.

Do you remember me?

Does my face haunt your dreams like yours haunts mine

Do you remember my laugh and my smile? Your were the last to see it

How does it feel Knowing that you took away my voice and my confidence

Two things that i will never get back

I sleep every night thinking and dreaming about you wondering if ill see you again

The night you destroyed me haunts my dreams

Do you remember me? Because I remember you

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