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You have two faces, maybe even three. How is that possible? Why are you lying to me? There are too many other’s just like you, who hide behind many faces and don’t tell the truth…

Two Faced

How do you do it with your two faces?

The way your lips curve to smile, while your teeth are gnawing.

Your smile and your frown.

The way your nose sits so still but I can almost tell it is twitching like you are lying.

Those genuine eyes with anger barely an inch in their shadows.

Those eyebrows that you raise attentively to listen whilst instead you are only judging me.

The head that you nod, agreeable to what I say, behind my back shaking with dispute.

Your arms when they wrap around me and welcome me in, the kiss planted on my cheek when you say, "It is good to see you."

Your arms tense and angry, your kiss damp and cold, your voice friendly and fake.

You look like you know me.

You sound like you know me.

You act like you know me.

You don't know me.

Behind those two faces, the faces that you think you can switch and hide.

And then, you hide behind another face, the face of a screen, and what is real to you comes out now only with three faces.

Can't you just have one? Your real one and save me from all the pain.

I thought I left all this behind when I said goodbye to my friends.

They said family were the only ones I could count on, but now all I know is that you can count to three.

One for ostentatious.

Two for two faced.

Three for torment.

Copyright © by Kathryn Jenkins.

All rights reserved.

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