To Other’s But Not Myself, To You, But Never To Me
To Other’s But Not Myself, To You, But Never To Me mindfulchaos stories

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Do you realise when you are giving more to other’s than to yourself?
Maybe it is time for you to give a little bit back to you.

To Other’s But Not Myself, To You, But Never To Me

give to you what I can never give to myself.

Forgiveness without a second thought.

Preservation without full intention.

Truth without lies.

Love without cost.

I am almost jealous of you,

The hold you have against me that I made. The counterfeit.

The exact imitation of what I should be giving to myself.

I am giving it to you and that is the way it has always been.

I am always giving to other people, and I cannot give to myself. I do not know why.

Whenever you feel an indifference, I do too.

Whenever the world decides to shake and tremble, I feel that shake and tremble.

For years I have had a reason to be.

I do not have that reason to be anymore, yet I still am.


The chemical imbalance is enough to shatter me, without the glass or sharp edges involved.

I am walking on tippy toes to only get hurt in fractions, but instead fragments are hurting me all over.

Listen to the whispers when I step unintentionally.

Although, I need to step to reach, and I am trying.

Copyright (c) by Kathryn Jenkins.

All rights reserved.

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