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A metaphor for you.

The Ocean

Each sound and motion that the ocean creates is for you.

They are the sound and motions I have ordered, the whisper guiding you home to me.

The grains of the sand rustling together are a sound of comfort, the way your body sinks into them, guiding you, especially with your feet.

You leave a trail behind the same as me, and you do not even realise.

Both the small rocks and the big rocks you encompass; you do not hear them, but you follow them, a guide to how life is.

Sometimes they are quiet, or a mere whisper to resemble their size, other times they are screaming.

The creatures you may see are a reminder of what else is out there, we too are not alone. You can hear and see them.

The water, crashing together in harmony, magnificence, chaos.

What emotion does it carry? Can you hear it? Can you see it guiding you to me?

It may fall in different directions from time to time.

The soft whispers of the wind, it guides you too. It guides you to me. You can hear it.

But if you only you could see it...

The direction would provide you to walk forth into my arms.

The giggles and joyful sounds of all the people at the beach would fade.

They were only but an interruption to your journey towards me.

Suddenly, the mere gentle whispers of my words, will create an action.

Once you are in my arms, the ocean will have fulfilled its purpose; bringing its two beautiful warriors to no longer fight alone, but to fight together, to conquer and,

to rest in one another's arms.

The water meets the sand, together it is an ocean.

Copyright (c) by Kathryn Jenkins.

All rights reserved.

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