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One day you’re going to…

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One Day

One day you are going to feel so happy the only thing you can compare it to you is when you were not and then that feeling will finally disperse and all you will know is happiness.

One day you are going to feel so worthy of love that it will come chasing you down; circling around you until it has you and everyone else will say, "I told you so,

you have always been so worthy of love", and you will know deep down it was all worth it; the lessons that led you to this very moment.

One day you are going to feel so ready to take on the world that you will not be able to see anything blocking you from that path and you will run to it, arms wide open,

willingly and freely; so full of life.

One day you are going to feel love, love for yourself.

One day you are going to love yourself.

Every. Single. Thing. About you.

That will because of all the above; all the past.

Because, one day it is likely that you are going to feel; sadness, anger, frustration, worry, fear, insecurity and all of the rest, whatever it is that you have felt and will surely feel again.

But you are also going to feel all the good too, and everything that comes along with that.

One day there will be no place for the bad; maybe a moment but no real place that it can fit into and think it is comfortable when you have an uncomfortable mind.

There will be no place for it; simply.

The past will be your drive for the present landing strip; the destination you have once been where you have only grown and can only reflect but not really know it again.

I mean, you will always know it as such, and it will always know you; but it can chase you all it wants but it will never catch up to you flying.

You can have a moment; you can even ponder on that moment but do not let it in, do not sabotage something where there is no place for mistrust; for loneliness.

See it as solitude; a place for your inner creation, inner growth and inner self to get you to be on the outside once and for all.

Just do not forget your inner self.

You will be happy.

You are worthy of love.

You are ready to take on this world.

You will be able to love yourself.

Today you do not feel happy.

Today you do not feel worthy of love.

Today you feel you are not yet ready to take on this on world.

Today you do not love yourself.

You are having a moment; a moment that will pass.

Today is not that day where you feel this, but just know that you are getting closer my dear, to feeling it and knowing that you always were.

Copyright (c) by Kathryn Jenkins.

All rights reserved.

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