Hearts Beat Together
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A small story girlxgirl, a romantic drabble.

Hearts Beat Together

They lay there contently, entwined in one another. They were tangled together, hands, feet, and all. Lips sealed intermittently at one another's shoulder's.

"I love you more than the number of times my heart can beat in a lifetime" the girl whispered, almost a murmur, against the other girl's shoulder.

The other girl smiled immediately to herself, a warm rosy blush appearing on her cheeks ever so quickly. "Marry me" she said, a tone of adventure to her voice.

Her voice was high pitched and quick, but she did not regret a thing she was saying. She then turned and was so suddenly against the other girls' lips.

Their lips met, in a dance of light and purity. Her motion back said it all, lips warm, ready and fast almost as equal to her heart. Although, she could slow down a bit now.

They were at least together, eventually even married for hopefully three hundred and sixty-five days and more. Her heart would still definitely beat more than that.

Although it was unfair to say they were going to be married for forever, or numerical infinity. The number of times a heart would ever beat in a lifetime was beyond measure.

That proved her statement was the impermanence of life, even though for as long as she lived, she would try loving the girl as many times as her heart could beat in a lifetime.

Copyright (c) by Kathryn Jenkins.

All rights reserved.

Thank you for reading! Please comment, any feedback including constructive criticism is always welcome! Also thank you to all my new followers!

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