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katkat_397 TheFrenchWordForPassionne (Impassioned)
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She makes me feel like the four elements, like I am above them all with her; Fire, Air, Water, Earth. We are one and everything is ours.


Ignite me like a flame,

I will be hot against your body; and dangerous like fire. But I will not burn you unless you ask.

I want you to see all of me in the night.

Turn me on like a light,

I will be the brightness that you can see; hopeful and only warm.

I want you to see all of me in the day.

Touch me like I can feel,

More than just on the surface, go deeper inside of me so that you can be a part of me.

Bitter sweetness that explodes like a multitude of colours going off in my mind, my body; hot like fire, warm like air, wet like water and yours like the earth, in its element, and all at once.

Talk to me like I matter,

Speak softly,

Speak loudly,

Scream my name.

Speak only words of passion,

Sound out only but moans of desire.

Because I want you and I know you want me too,

And I will do all of this to you over and over again, until our bodies are but one and there is nothing that is not ours.

Copyright (c) by Kathryn Jenkins.

All rights reserved.

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