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katkat_397 TheFrenchWordForPassionne (Impassioned)
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Title - self-explanatory, mature themes. Girlxgirl. A short poem about desires.

Consume Me

I run my fingers through her gentle waves, gliding past, I see her daring eyes gleaming at me; adventure, passion.

The deep red of her cheeks; full and hot as she presses them against me.

Lips chapped and wet and on me, flesh on her neck where I desire my mouth to soon meet, but not yet.

Breasts roaming against mine, a surface touch, a sharp moan; full and beautiful.

Her hands all over me all at once, my hands chasing hers.

To be a part of her, me, unite us please!

Butterfly like touch, lips to stomach; body against body. Smooth, still hot.

Fingers to thigh; alluring and electric, and her tongue against me finally.

Pink the warmest colour, red the deepest desire; love.

Flesh as its own entity...

And, I close my eyes.

White lines in darkness, a sort of black.

All I see, all I hear, sounds combine.

Breaths, whispers, moans, longing; you.

My mind never wanting to fight her off.

She is consuming me.

Copyright (c) by Kathryn Jenkins.

All rights reserved.

Thank you for reading! Please comment, any feedback including constructive criticism is always welcome!

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