It's okay...
It's okay... unique stories

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It's OKAY...

It's okay...

by Katja Pullinen

It's okay if somebody don't like me I don't want to be suit for someone I am not leather couch or not even a carpet I am human and I am the one

On the Earth it is many milliards of the people Everybody have own unique...

Everybody have something to dreaming Everybody had something to knew Everybody would like to be heard Everybody would like be clear

It's okay if somebody don't like me Here is nothing to wonder Here is not something new

I don't stand on the knee I don't ask for agree I will not demonstrate own true I will not tear a throat to be capital queen I don't need to pick up arrogant egoism

It's okay to be me... It's okay to be you... It't okay to be true...

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