I miss you...
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By Ekaterina(Katja) Pullinen

I miss you...

by Ekaterina(Katja) Pullinen

Poem about you...

If just I knew, I will be missing you so much If just I knew how hard I want to see you If just I knew, you always being on my mind

If just I knew, without you, I cannot see so clearly If just I knew how hard it's to be having. I've seen that hopeless and so sad

You knew or don’t you, doesn’t matter If just I knew, how hard to be without you If just I knew, that's having to be so exhausting

If just I knew, I've seen that weak and senseless So sorrowful, so painful and so new I knew not nothing, I really knew not what to do I lose, I stuck, I'm broken

Inside myself I’m screaming and so sick... If just I knew, that love is make so worst it If just I knew... That I got not a chance to see you

That I will lose you for a while If just I knew, you always coming in my dreaming If just I knew, that time is scurrying so fast...

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