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Tired, sad, upset, hurting, mad, angry...


by Katja Pullinen

I saw you in the church tonight. It was magnificent evening. I was scan you from the back. I think you didn't see me.

I was staring at you. Did you feel it? Or you acting again, like don't you see me.

I'm so tired to play that uncredible game. That's not a competition. That's not a relay race. I do not want emulate. I do not want to play a game.

I'm done. I have no more a power. I'm weak. I'm sick. I am upset.

It's hurt me when you acting like a freezing. It's hurt me when you acting like a blind.

When I am good, you acting like a stranger. When good you are, I am becoming strange.

Why can't we being good at once to each other? Or... Do we have a diverse biorhythm?

If one more time... I'm really will done. Somebody have to be a smarter. Somebody have to be a wise. Here is not a bloody bullfighting. Here is not carnival...

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