Close the door, I'm cold...
Close the door, I'm cold... let go stories

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No progress without pain.
No future without past.

Close the door, I'm cold...

By Katja Pullinen

I know it's hard to let a past away. I know that memories still reach you. I know it hard to close a door in illusory would. I know that mind still search you.

But... You have to be stronger. You have to be beyong. You have to be irron. You have to be a wall. To opening new door.

A brain was formed like that. We do remember just a good emotions. And all bad things. We do forget too fast. That washed away like ocean.

But calculate... How many night you cried. How many times your heart was broken. How many times you was appologize. For reasons you don't have to.

Just calculate... Just be a trust with self. Admit yourself. Was you are happy or you wasn't? No one will blame. Except youself...

Before you close a door. Before you left abort all memories and biggest pain. Just let it be, just let it go. New door can not be opened untill you close the old one.

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