Let her love
Let her love lgbtq stories

katirw never let them take your words
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Hey you! You are valid. no matter who you love, or how you identify.

Let her love

This world will never be enough for her.

unapologetically kind,

neverendingly sweet,

Trapped on a planet where love

has boundaries,

and people take her rainbow flag and bleach it white;

as if fighting for love is the same kind of evil

as fighting for power.

as if fighting for the right to walk the street with her hand in her girls

is a violence against society.

Who decided

that we have the right to put anyone's love in a box?

as if love is a thing that can be contained.


have we put a limit on love,

In a world where all we see is hatred and fear

surely we should be taking all the love we can get

Who decided

that some love was less valid than others?

because really

it's all the same. Dopamine, serotonin. All love is the same.

and so;

if you are adding love to this broken world

I couldn't care less who you love.

You go ahead, my dear. You be happy.

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