"I think I might be lost,"
"I think I might be lost," journey stories

katie3 book-obsessed human
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Was having an existential crisis mid-train journey so I wrote a poem about it

"I think I might be lost,"

I said. I have been thinking how my worst thoughts

Will only get less acceptable as I age. This anger, this ugly jealousy,

It is no longer okay to feel such irrational things. I am so childlike

In my pinafore dress, telling the train conductor that I am lost.

I have been told that twenty-one is an exciting age. A pure place

Between care-free and caring. But I am troubled by the way the rain keeps

Beating against the window that I am resting my head against. How long

Until it breaks, and I have lost my breath

To a world rushing by in blurs of watercolour?

A boy to the left is reading 12 Rules for a Better Life and

The man opposite keeps spitting noises from his throat.

I think he’s forgotten that I’m here.

I can feel roads being moved away beneath wheels and

The world is being repeatedly thrown away all around me.

I am clawing at the earth, digging for treasure.

I count the ways that I can bring the sun closer to all of us here.

The trees outside refuse to move for anyone. They simply bleed

Their flowers onto the rotting ground, and spread their arms wide

Towards a sky they will never reach.

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