The Importance of a Crayon
The Importance of a Crayon stories
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The Importance of a Crayon

by katesaunderson

They say the things we learn are unimportant

The things we need to know is what we learn in playschool The promise to share, to be kind, to be loving The way we feel when we share our crayons, When we give a hug We hold that feeling close,

Never wanting to let go.

To grow up is to throw that feeling away.

To learn and teach and find new ways to service only us Ourselves We grow up holding close the feeling of us Nobody else We care for our needs, but lost the feeling of a genuine hug

The brand new crayons we pulled out of our bags

When I was little, I loved hugs

I loved to run, to play, to share Now I love to sit, to be alone, to hold my things close, never letting go I still love hugs and crayons But can't find my way back to running.

Holding the feeling close Isn't enough anymore

To grow up is to give up

To learn is to forget I hold my crayons close, but what do I give up in the end?

We must learn to share,

To lend all our crayons away To drink the juice our mother packed for us

And smile And run

And be free

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