Open Letter from a Broken Doll
Open Letter from a Broken Doll stories
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Open Letter from a Broken Doll

by katesaunderson

Dear You,

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. You keep trying And I can't I can't I can't keep trying to love you back

You know

I really did want Really wanted To love you But only in the beginning Because deep down I know I can feel That I can't feel anymore

You can't

Can't understand Can't comprehend Can't know What I've gone through Can't see That I've lost that part And it can't come back A callus over my heart

Callus; defined {noun}

A section of skin that is hardened to protect the sensitive skin underneath.

What He did

I can't escape from No matter how hard I try So, I'm sorry But to leave? It's best for both of us. Because oh honey, My last three? They'll tell you I'm emotionally unavailable.

They'll tell you that I'm gone

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