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Last Night

by katesaunderson

That night, When the music was shitty,

When he grabbed me and started to dance... I let him I let him because I still hadn't known what you... What you would've done when you came You saw That night

That night, When he told me he loved me but I said I can't

Because I had you When I pushed away and hid in a corner, Cried because I'd hurt him, Not because we danced. I'll never go back there, because I'll never... Never want to be there

Not after that night

That night? The drive home?

I cried hard enough to pull the car over To sit in the dark of the countryside To turn off the engine and let the tears fall Because if I'd known

If I'd known you were waiting?

I'd have come home sooner I'd have explained before I cried once more... I'd cried alone... Again. That night

That night... You were home when I pulled in...

You'd yelled, screamed, slapped... I stood there, crying Apologizing for not saying no sooner Apologizing for not being truer... My heart was bruised as my arms, my legs, my stomach

When you'd crawled over me and...

made me colder than ice in the grass... When I couldn't say no because you'd gotten angry like this Like this before The last time... Last night

Last night, I kiss you goodnight

You pull me close, and again, I can't resist If I do? I'll lose every scrap of self worth I have left Because in the grass? In the dress you were so infuriated with me for wearing?

You'd said you'd be gentle You'd said you loved me, But love? It's just a four-letter lie The shorter it is, the easier to deliver

Deliver cold tremors up my spine long into the night Long after you... Long after you'd gone And? After last night? I'll be gone too.

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