I'm Not the Same
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I'm Not the Same

by katesaunderson


Please, Don't tell me you love me Don't say sweet things When I'm not here You know I'm not there I can't love you back I'm not the same


Please, Don't touch me Don't hug me and say it's alright It's not I promise I'm more broken than ever I'm not the same

You say

You say I'm beautiful I'm perfect I'm loved, But so did he And after what he did? I'm not the same

But me?

I left I lied I told you I'm gone forever You waited patiently You said you would And you're still here But I'm not the same


You didn't Know Know me before You can't understand What I used to be I was shiny Perfect Then he came And showed me How much fun tarnishing is And I'm not the same


He scraped He slapped He took me places I wasn't ready for And here I am Broken Inhuman Never the same

And now...

You want to love me I can feel that But That's all I feel I can't live I can't love Not after... After... After what happened Why? I'm not the same.

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