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kateriKatherine L.L
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Having a realization in life.
Breaking free from the past

Life Story

A girl with brown eyes, brown hair

Another Girl who had black eyes, and black hair.

One had a brain so imaginative, a brain that thought of everything as beauty.

The other girl had a heart that could perceive beauty itself, and truth.

One girl could sing to the heavens, not missing a note.

Another could make others laugh effortlessly.

The thought of them together never made any sense.

together they went, laughter was all one could hear.

Love was flowing from each of them, holding hands as they walked down memory lane.

Life brings storms, and sometimes sun.

They held on tight to each other, as wind would try to tear them apart.

Life continued...

Boys would come, not in between but they would sometimes let go of each other for just a moment.

Sometimes one girl would keep walking, another one would fall.

It was scary one day, because I realized that I wasn't walking.

I looked down at my feet, they were black and blue.

My hand that held on to hers, was red.

I was letting myself be dragged.

I was letting myself be the second role in my life story, and letting her be the first.

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