a girl I once Knew.
a girl I once Knew.  hopeful stories
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kateri Katherine L.L
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A personal poem, about life.

a girl I once Knew.

There was this girl, I knew once.

She would wear whatever she could run in.

She liked to think.

Singing till she slept.

Dressing up as a princess or Queen, In bed sheets.

Her imagination bigger than everyone else.

She didn't like being grumpy, or sad.

She fell in love with laughing, smiles, even silly jokes.

That Girl ran away.

Her smiles went as well.

Even the imagination of her own little world.

She promised never to leave, but the world molds you into whatever might come.

She ran away when the screaming filled the silence.

She hide behind furniture, as the police kept coming.

Crying was the heart beat of the home.

That beauty of a girl ran away.

When she lost too many people.

When she felt the guilt of the ones she loved on her tiny shoulders.

Even through all the horror of suffering.

She smiled

She laughed

But after the storm

One must keep going to see the rainbow.

She gave up

When the silence came.

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