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by katarinaalice

I don't know

why I gave you the power to hurt me. I guess it was because I trusted you when you said "You're safe with me."

I trusted you so much that "Safe" became the passcode to my phone.

But you are doing what you said you would never do

you're leaving me. Ever so silently.

As if

I wouldn't notice just because it happens slowly. When I notice the change in your expression when something silently breaks.

And you know

I am someone that rips off a band aid rather than taking it slow.

I don't like things stopping slowly. I don't like people leaving quietly. At least say goodbye like you normally would. You've always been polite.

And even though

you are doing this to me

I still tell myself

"Maybe he doesn't know."

I still tell my friends

"He's a nice person."

And I still tell my diary

"He will come back."

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This was raw and honest. It is also very sad. You did a great job describing just where you are at on all this. With some introspection you might be able to see what drove you apart. Great post!!!