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IM MORE HURT THAN EVER..............


by kassaundrachur1

So i lost my best friend

i have not hurt this badly in awhile

Nevaeh was basically a sister to me

we have not spoken in over 2 months

i found out that she has blocked me on EVERYTHING!

she didnt leave me with a reason why she just did it

straight out of the blue

i miss her so much

one of my other friends asked her why she blocked me

she said that she couldnt handle "my negativity and it

always being about me, i dont regret it at all"

that hurt me and stung me soo deeply it was nearly

unbearable. i have been crying for 3 weeks now

i still have not talked to her

i had had my suspicions that we were drifting apart

but i refused to believe it.

until she eliminated me from her life

everything reminds me of her.

my room is filled with memories of us

and it hurts every single damn time i look at them

i honestly want her back but i dont think that will ever


she was my other half . and now she is gone

she was my only reason to live, well i thought. i have

my family standing by me i think.

i am nearly a month clean, but its been hard as hell to not

cut with all of this happening lately

i just want her back but clearly she doesnt care.

i am sorry this is kind of scattered its sorta a vent. im so

hurt and i really do not know how to handle it

ive been smoking lately to try and numb away some of

the pain ive been feeling. its so hard to get out of bed

every single day. i am constantly fighting with myself

trying to decide if it worth it to keep going or if

i should just give up right here and right now

shes hurt more then ive been hurt in years

i dont know how to cope. sorry this is really long

its somewhat an update of whats been happening with me

lately i just hope she realizes what she has lost.

shes hurt me to a point that i can't recover from.

she has no clue how hurt i am.

with all of that said



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4 months agoReply
@kassaundrachur1 I sent it on private message

kassaundrachur1Bronze CommaI write about serious issues in society
4 months agoReply
@steam1244 i would love your email. It just hurts so badly I miss her sooooo much !!!

4 months agoReply
I'm so sorry this has happened to you. But you need to know, that you don't deserve any of the pain that you are getting. She just might not want to see you hurt, but you got to remember that you two are young. If you need to vent you can message me or I can give you my email and we can talk.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Your friend probably acted the way she did because it takes unusual strength to deal with another person broken with depression and guilt. She is also young like your are. She just did not have the training or strength to deal with your needs. Don't blame her nor yourself. You are still putting one foot in front of the other, I am sorry these things have to happen. You are getting better a little at a time. It may not feel like it. But I can see it in your writing. Take care. You have written a beautiful post here!!!!!!