The seen but unseen pain
The seen but unseen pain  stories

kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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People only see what is on the outside they don't care to really ask " what's wrong"

The seen but unseen pain

by kassaundrachur1

I walk around smiling

Fooling everyone Myself at times

They see the smile on my face but what they don't see

R the red wrists,tear filled eyes that have cried all night

The meals I don't eat the cuts all over my body

The things that go through my head it's the seen but unseen pain

It's seen by me but never the world

They say I'm happy but what they see is not one bit real

It's all just a seal over my pain

But heck I'm smiling aren't I?

But only on the outside my dear only on the outside

The inside is dark it's the

Seen but unseen pain

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