Scratching an itch
Scratching an itch hope stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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I feel so good then it flips like a switch My mind starts to race my skin starts to itch

This is something i found that i wrote 2 years ago just never got around to posting it

Scratching an itch

Trigger warning SELF HARM

I feel so good then it flips like a switch

My mind starts to race my skin starts to itch

I can't shake this feeling its happening again

The voice it gets louder and then I just give in

It all happens so fast like I'm on autodrive

It feels like this is what I need to do to survive

I go to my razor stash and I pick up the blade

I get right to work the razor coming to my aid

Now here comes the blood rushing and squirting

In this moment it seems to finally stop the hurting

Now I wrap the wound should be stitched but I won't go

It was too late this time and now the scars will show

Now I feel defeated ashamed and full of guilt

I hurt the ones I love with the blood that I spilt

Hopefully I'll be stronger next time not let the voices win

I hope I'll use healthy coping before it happens again

Self-Harm is a very serious and addicting disease. I have struggled with it for nearly 8 years and im nearly 6 months clean. But just because im nearly 6 months clean does NOT mean all the urges have gone away or that it's easy. Recovering from self harm is one of the HARDEST things i have ever had to do but IM DOING IT!!! and you can too

Recovery is an EVERYDAY battle to not reach for the blade and cut. i used to cut up to 10 times each. day. with up to 100 cuts each time. thats nearly 1000 cuts every single day and the scars i have from it will never go away. i am recovering i am improving but it is NEVER easy. One of the biggest things that halped me recover was God and a strong support system. YOU ARE STRONG

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