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kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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I relapsed again . Sunday I also cut but it was small and tiny didn't count it as a big relapse but last night was really bad


by kassaundrachur1

Once again I've relapsed

Did around 23 cuts an inch or so deep..

I hate myself for it

I feel like I've failed so many of you guys and mostly

Myself !

But when I cut for the first time in 2 weeks I was finally

Calm and didn't have stress and worry

I just had peace and control

I know how bad this sounds but it's true

I was finally away from all my thoughts

I was away from reality

Cutting is the only thing keeping me alive right now

If one day I decide to not cut but to kill myself I won't

Care I won't be missed I don't matter now and I won't when

I'm dead...but I'm not gonna kill my self soon Bc I can't

Put Nevaeh (my best friend and reason to keep going )

Through all of the pain of losing me . We are like sisters

Even tho I'm in a lot of pain I would never be able to

Forgive myself if I did that to Nevaeh .

I wish I didn't care so much but I do ...

I won't tell her I cut again Bc I can't hurt her .

I'll just keep my Smile on until one day it falls

And I cut to deep not caring who I hurt

Cutting as of rn won't kill me on the outside

But it will just speed up the breaking inside

Ik it alive inside anymore I died a long time ago.

Everyday is hard as hell to even function !

I'm sorry to everyone I've hurt by relapsing

But just know it was either I cut or I overdose

I chose the temporary instead of permanent solution .

Know I love you all!!

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