My experience with bullying
My experience with bullying  stories

kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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Bullying is not a joking matter

My experience with bullying

by kassaundrachur1

Kindergarten and preschool were great coloring and fun

Then first grade came and there were comments of ugly and

Fat from older kids

Second grade it got worse I had my first kiss (forcebly)

Then they added slut

Third grade they lightened up a little most fat and Ugly

I was young and already hating myself

Fourth grade there was too far to live. I wanted to die

I attempted suicide in 4th grade !! I was too fat to live and everyone hated me

I felt so alone like nobody would care if I was gone

Not really many people did when I tried

They started calling me Emo and many other cruel things

Then 5th grade came and I had severe depression

6th grade was horrible I had had enough of getting called


I stopped eating completely

I got fatally sick spent 2 weeks in intensive care

Because I wasn't eating at all not even drinking water

Then 6th grade came I began eating again I went from

50 pounds to 100

The summer of 6th grade I was sexually assaulted

By my uncle

7th grade was tough I had many mean names

Every kid and teacher hated me

I had no friends at this point the bullying went from

Verbal to physical

One time I was getting kicked and hit in the middle of the

School a teacher was there and didn't do anything at all!! She actually encouraged the kids

It was horrible I covered it with makeup

8th grade was still really bad

I had my third suicide attempt ( second was after my assault)

I just finished my first year of high school

It was actually not as bad I only had a few mean names

But best of all I found a great church

I hope sophmore year isn't bad

As of right now my eating disorder is coming back

I haven't been eating a lot and am concerned about my weight

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