Masked Love
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kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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A love story between two people who mask their true feeling until they find the one person worthy of seeing the real them

Masked Love

by kassaundrachur1

A beautiful young girl who every guy loved

But the guys didn't know that on the inside she hates


Perfect shape perfect hair perfect mask

She gets asked out countless times but refuses

She is waiting for the one guy who knows that she is wearing

A mask

She thinks that there will never be hope for her

That no guy will love her

Until now . A random guy walks up

She sees the cuts on his wrists as he tries to hide them

She can see the fake smile and she says to him

"Take off your mask"

At first the guy is bewildered but then he realizes

She sees my mask because I see hers

He removes his mask and lets the true him show

He doesn't even remember the last time he showed the true

Him. She finally dropped her mask and they just stood

There staring into each other's soul!

After 3 hours passed they began to walk and talk about

Their pasts and their future

The girl finally found a guy worthy of seeing the true her

This is no longer masked love 👹

It is unmasked 😀

They realized they were so alike and bonded

Through their struggles

The became happy for once

They became eternally together

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