It Is Worth it!
It Is Worth it! church stories
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kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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2018 Changed me 2019 is my year

It Is Worth it!

Wow. As 2018 comes to and end . I have changed so much.

I was depressed.

Not eating

or sleeping

i was harming myself

Not close to God at all and I was not happy with my life (Always a Fake Smile)

2018 has shown me Gods love .

I learned to love myself and whom God created me to be and my calling in life. I went from hating living every to loving everyday and looking forward to the next day.

Coming into 2019 I am 8 months clean from self harm and I am recovering from my eating disorders

God showed me that it does NOT matter how others see me it only matters how God sees me which is PERFECT!! I dont need to rely on myself but to rely on God!! I love life .

Life has done a complete 180 and I could not be happier for it.

I am SOO thankful for everyone who has helped me( you know who you are). I believe that if I had not had these my life I would not be here rn.

Thank you everyone who helped get me to where I am i love you so much. And I'm learning to love myself . It is an everyday battle to recovery but let me say it is SO WORTH IT

My church especially has changed my life.

Production has shown me my calling for sure and God keeps on showing me that he is ALWAYS there right next to me saying come on kass one more step me!! CU saved my life

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