Depression (what it's like)
Depression (what it's like) stories

kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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People always belittle depression because they have no idea what it's like to want to end you life every single day and just wish that when you finally get happy the happiness would stay instead of fade away. This is kinda what it's like to have depression but this doesn't even scratch the surface of how horrible it is to live with depression

Depression (what it's like)

by kassaundrachur1

You are all happy and smiling

You shine so bright

But then you are extinguished

And the depression creeps in

Suddenly everything stops

You want to cry

You feel like dying

You feel like the world is in slow motion

You feel like you can't do anything right

But yet you continue to fight

You kinda just stand there and do nothing

You feel like everyone hates you !

The happy person a second ago is now dead silent

Nobody notices as you move to the back of the group

You feel so numb

And you just want to go in a corner and cry

You wish somebody would understand

But nobody does

You wish people didn't criticize

But they always do

You wish the depression would subside

But it never does

And in the end depression leads to suicide

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