Behind closed doors
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kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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A lot of people set profiles on only what they see when they never see what happens behind closed doors! People could die and u wouldn't have a clue their home life

Behind closed doors

by kassaundrachur1

I go to school everyday "smiling" and " happy" as they say

And for a short period of time I sometimes crack a real


But then I go home and it's all yelling

And criticisms my friends don't know what happens

Behind closed doors

But yet day after day I put that fake smile on my face

And keep all the pain and hurt inside so I don't have

To explain to people who could care less

I keep it all inside because that's the safest place

It's the same thing everyday

School: smiling 😀 Home: 😞😕😢😵🤕

But at church the smiles are real and the people really care

It's my one true safe place where I don't have

To keep it inside I can say what happens

Behind closed doors

The doors are opened at church and the wounds begin to heal

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