Are you there Jesus?
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kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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Jesus is there for us when nobody else is!!

Are you there Jesus?

by kassaundrachur1

Today wasn't the best

There were fights and I didn't get much rest

Jesus are you there?

I know it's a little late I just wanted to say

Wanted to say

Mommy's not well

And daddy's already fell back into his old ways

Brother is out with his friends

getting higher than the Empire State

I no longer know what to say

Are you there Jesus?

Have you left me?

Will you save me from this pain?

I can't keep playing this game of life and death

I just want to be happy like all the rest

Jesus are you there?

I am your child and you are always there for me!

The life can't be drained out of me not by blood nor words

It was put in me by you

The almighty father

I am your little fighter

Now I see you ARE here Jesus you never left

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