Anxiety: the reality
Anxiety: the reality anxiety stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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I'm on a trip rn and this is what my anxiety has given me to deal with for the 14.5 hr bus ride . People think anxiety is no big deal. Ha let me see u live with it! I'm sitting alone with my music .

Anxiety: the reality

by kassaundrachur1

Imagine you walk into a room

To go on a big trip .

You were so excited for this trip didn't even think

Of friends and seating arrangements

You walk into the room ; get ur bags checked then think

"I'm gonna go say hi to all my friends "

But you want to move but can't seem to

You stand there thinking "are they even friends ,

Do they even like me , am I weird ?

Everyone's staring at me "

When in reality nobody even notices what's going on

In ur head

You want to go talk to someone but u just stand there and

Look around . Wanting to be normal

You don't know why u are having such a hard time saying "hi"

Then you realize you didn't say hi to anyone

Someone said hi to you

Not someone named Jane or Sara or anything

Not an actual human being but your friend

Anxiety came to say hello and stay for a while !

The one friend u didn't want to come has came

And now you proceed to get on the bus

Hoping someone will sit with you ; nobody does

So your friend depression comes to visit

And thus u r left with only 2 friends

The entire bus ride . Anxiety and depression

But something helps a little . And that something is

MUSIC!! 🎧🎤🎶🎶

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