A Smile :,)
A Smile :,) stories
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kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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Everyone sees everyone smiling; and it's a lie!! People are hurting inside and people need to understand that. People just take a smile like it's real when many times it's very far from it!! People have become so good at faking a smile and it sickens me that people need to fake a smile to move forward!

A Smile :,)

by kassaundrachur1

There are some days when...

You have had a rough week but still manage to smile!:,)

A smile can hold so much pain

A smile can hide the heartbreak

A smile is so, so fake

Your world is crashing down but you don't show anyone

Your on the verge of breaking down but you don't let it out

You just smile

You hide it all

You don't let anyone see THE REAL YOU!

Maybe if they did

It would change their perspective

Maybe they would care

Maybe the smile can become real for once!

And maybe just maybe you can be happy one day!!

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