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kasomething I leave it all on the paper and pen.
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This is a continuation respond to Friend-zone .

More Than Love Experience

”You not my type just someone who is just there, can do anything with” As my heart holds you just one beat away ,can you pick me up off the floor can't feel my legs anymore go on spit my love off . My heart is in two can't go through it all I was lost in your time zone.

I’m far too ashamed to hold you dearly I’ve loved you in the dark there is so much space between us. Everything has changed me you have given me something that I can live without. It's my heart you feed with you there was a prize I couldn't offer.

It is the world to me that you are in my life but I want to live not just survive, I’m hurt unprepared for the things you said but you can't undo the hurt that's inside me right now. Our friendship isn’t worth playing chickens with. There are no winners when the dice is cast.

Just a little bit of your heart is all I wanted and asked for. Nothing is ever easy that's what they say now I know that am nothing to you just a fool for you. All my colours are in one you I’ve been in love and best friends with the longest regarded me like that.

Didn’t expect you to love me back like I do. You are my love can't take one more step towards you , running around leaving scars. I'm a sinking ship that's burning waiting for an answer what's broken can't be whole anymore.

Lost inside my tears double-sided mirror don't know what's real I’ve been done bathing in this fear. I thought we would be somewhat free but you leave . Touched the door and you turned off the light.Yes am weak but you still cheered me on it's becoming clear .

A broken heart is all that's left still fixing all the cracks lost a couple of pieces. Have known today that loving you is a losing game.

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