How to Tell if You Are Making Sense
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How to Tell if You Are Making Sense

by Bruce Kasanoff

Every time you come up with a new idea

That idea is a product of your experiences, your abilities, your beliefs, your preconceptions, your self-image, and your motivations.

No one but you has all the behind-the-scenes data

Which makes it very easy for you to come up with an idea that no one else understands.

I've fallen into this trap

A few years ago, I became infatuated with the phrase "Opportunity Shaper" to describe what I do. I put it on my business card, and in my email signature.

In my mind:

I was conveying the fact that my skills could help an entrepreneur shape his or her pitch, or otherwise shape perceptions of his or her activities. Instead, it was best at generating blank stares

Many people think they are presenting themselves clearly

But they aren't. For example, they say "dynamic innovator" without realizing that it doesn't give other people the slightest clue what their industry is.

How to avoid this trap....

Next time you come up with an idea, write it down

Send it to five people whose opinion you trust. Ask them to tell you - in a sentence or two - what they think you are trying to say.

If 3 or more people understand you properly...

you're in good shape. Otherwise, you need to try again.

Go a bit outside your immediate circle

Try approaching someone who hasn't been in a single one of your meetings. People who don't have the same inside information as you.

By the way, I know this is a very simple idea

That's why I'm surprised that so few people use it.

Created by Bruce Kasanoff

Bruce Kasanoff is a ghostwriter for business professionals (that means people like you). Learn more at

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