That haunted tree!
That haunted tree! horror stories

kartikking77 Community member
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the most horror story ever on this website.

That haunted tree!

this happened when i am 23 years old.

my friend named arun and i had goes to visit the circus in our village when we are returning to home i hear a disturbing voice near my friend when i looked up there i saw a group of hyenas

there are looking with hunger to me and my and my friend start running after a few minutes i fell on the road and i thought that i will must die.

my breathe is now swelled and i don't have any energy to run more suddenly,i roger the voice of my friend i saw that hyenas are running backward as they see an evil power.

when i saw at my friend i stuck at there a invisible power pulling my friend backward i saw some black particles in my friend's mouth he suddenly tied up with the nearby banyan tree.

i had run very fastly from there and ask the villagers to help him but no one agrees,next day my friend's corpse is found hanged on that tree. i felt myself as responsible for my friend's death.

i scold the villagers that if they help my friend so my friend is alive today among the villagers a old man told me that at that tree they burned a witch on it 20 years ago that is why

they don't help him.when anyone goes from near that tree the witch killed him.

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