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karthikk_69 I make love all the time.
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Love just needs a moment.


I know she loves to tease me. Oh how she does get my cock so alive and twitching as I watch her cavort in front of me, showing off her beautiful feminine curves in a way she knows.

My naughty girl, who knows how to bring me out of myself and get my cock throbbing for her pleasure.

I taste her as her lips part and her tongue touches mine and I search into her to feel her passion.

My wrists were bound and numb.

I stepped into her arms, our bodies pressed together and her breasts against my chin.

She moved and undid her blouse to give me free access to her lovely breasts that were tanned and her nipples hard and erect.

I felt myself being lifted and carried to a long couch and laid down.

She turned around and lowered her hips over my face and I began licking the sweetest pussy

She was between my legs too eating me to heights I had not been to in a while.

You taste so good.....

The cum inside me longs to feel release as I watch her continue to shudder and shake and moan with delight.

Dripping with anticipation, she finds my pleasure thing and slowly starts to play, causing me to moan with charm.

I continue to thrust my cock deeper within her pleasure zone as her body responds with each stroke.

Moving in such a rhythm she makes me want it deeper and harder.

I felt my orgasm exploding and I am unable to contain myself any longer. Her body shakes and trembles with each last thrust given to her with an unspoken passion never known to me before.

Our orgasms explode into one another and her pussy contracts around my cock as it ejaculates.

Trembling in the calmness of the night we slowly dress and lay back down looking at the stars in a sweet embrace.

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