He knew her long before he saw her.
He knew her long before he saw her. romance stories

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Love at first sight

He knew her long before he saw her.

What captured his attention was a lovely giggle . Though he is shy and rarely talks to the opposite sex, he didn't hesitate. Knowing that this was it made all the difference.

No-one believed what he was saying. Nevertheless he went. Not a day goes by hence and afterwards, he thought, with him not remembering this very moment.

The moment of truth.The moment that shattered all his doubts. The moment that silenced all the world around him. For he has found what he saw in his dreams. He looked at her eyes and saw himself .

Her eyes were truthful and straightforward , they clearly said "yes I am the one you've been looking for all this time." he didn't flinch, he didn't tremble out of fear of rejection. Because deep down he knew.

He was lost on the right path.

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