Please Smile
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kanashi Community member
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Tidied up poem I wrote a few years ago.

Please Smile

I’ve known you for years I haven’t heard your voice in a while I don’t know your fears Or ever see you smile

What are you hiding? I’ve seen your wounds What are you deciding? I hope you're staying till June

I tried everything just to see you smile But you wouldn’t even look at me I even changed my life style But your sixth sense is keen

You always hung your head down So you didn’t see the vehicle It was either never or now What I did was unbelievable

The pain wasn't easy to succumb But I had faith My decision wasn’t dumb You are now safe

You ran over to me And held me in your arms Sacrifices require a fee Or you’ll set off an alarm

I must've looked like a fool But I couldn't let you die I was able to look up at you My life strings were being untied

In my final moments You granted my wish for me to see Before my time became frozen You were tearfully smiling at me

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