I crave power over you
I crave power over you romance stories
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I love you, but I don't want you to know about it.
I want you to suffer, I want you to be my slave.
Am I the one who suffers, because I deny the feelings I actually have for you?

Thank you for reading my first poem
Please give me feedback about my poem.
What do you think of it?
How do you think I can improve my writing skills?

This poem is inspired by the songs:
'Do It All The Time'
'Bleed Magic'
all by the band, 'I Don't Know How But They Found Me'

I crave power over you

Stop, drop, but don't roll

Let me burn you in my fire

Let me burn you in my soul

I'm gonna burn the witches

Burn the lies

I'll make you suffer

Don't make me think twice

Bite your tongue

Give me everything I crave

Don't tell me what to do

You are my slave

I want to tear you apart

Drag you in a black hole

Give you my heart

And love you with my entire soul

Open your eyes

I want you to cry

Drown in your tears

In the end we're gonna die

Cover your ears

There's no need to cry

Stop drinking your tears

Together we will fly

I need power to stay alive

Be my dirty whore

Be my loving wife

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