in search of spirit
in search of spirit healing stories
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kalinajasper Community member
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inspired by something a dear friend told me: "spirituality is a lonely journey"

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think.

in search of spirit

I knocked on your door, but no one was there. "Try next time," you said. "I will always be here."

I knocked on your door, two times this time. I only roused the cat who yowled my way. I begged you to come out and play, Instead became a trap in your eyes.

I guess you knew, I must remain lonely. Lonely is the only way for the journey. I look forward and all I see is lonely. She knows I have been avoiding her for some time,

She puts garlands of iron around my neck, pulling my face to the ground, She squares my shoulders. Only until my face welcomes the soil, can I look on.

As I strap my boots, she climbs onto my shoulder. Joining me for the march.

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