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"I'm just trying to get by and survive." "You try too hard."

Wise Advice

"I'm just trying to get by and survive."

"You try too hard."

"What am I supposed to do? Just try a little bit? That seems like I'm not doing enough."

"You want my advice?"

"I'll hear it, but I'm not paying you for it."

"You should buy a parachute and go skydiving."


The homeless man finished wiping my windshield and walked around closer to the drivers seat.

"Because you can see the whole ocean from up there, and you can even see space.

It's good to feel small."

"Couldn't I just take a plane?"

"You can't feel the wind in a plane," he held a cardboard cup under my nose.

"I told you I'm not paying for your advice!"

"This is for your windshield!"

"Oh, right. Listen, I don't have any change on me- can I write you a check?"

"Yah alright, make it out to Lamb Shank and Associates."

"Um ok, what the heck is that."

"My wind shield wiping business."

"Oh ok, there you go, I gave you 75 cents."

"Wonderful, thank you."

The light turned green.

"Have a nice rest of your day," smiled the homeless man.

"Thanks, you as well."

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