The Spaghetti Trees
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Some crazy man messes up a bunch of trees!

The Spaghetti Trees

'BREAKING NEWS!!' Flashes across the screen. The camera pulls in on a brown haired woman sat behind a desk. She looks very serious.

"We have a relatively devastating story unfolding at the sound end of Toronto this morning."

The woman fades out and is replaced by a shot of the beach.

"These are some disturbing images indeed. If you look closely, you'll see that almost all the branches of the tree's are sagging close to the ground.

I don't want to jump to any conclusions this morning as to how this happened, but reports are in that a man may have spent the night tying heavy ropes to the branches causing them to sag,

and then removing the ropes just before day break."

The camera zooms in close on one tree in particular. One of the branches looks like wet spaghetti the way it's drooping down to the ground.

"We have someone on the phone with us- Carla are you there?"

"Yes, I'm here."

"Carla, can you describe the scene to us. What did you see?"

"Uh, well I had just got off the bus to get to work, I work at the corner store, and I just happened to notice that many of the branches around me where sagging to the floor."

"Is this unusual for the area Carl? Are there a lot of tree's that normally appear this way?"

"No, this isn't normal at. I actually grabbed the woman next to me and said 'look' because I was actually becoming overwhelmed."

"Ok, Carla. Can you tell us anything-."

"Oh my GOD! There's more branches starting to sag!

"Carla- Carla, can you-."

"Ok you got people panicking right now! There's people screaming!"

"We're getting reports from our chopper that several more branches with ropes attached to them just began sagging."

"OK, well then that's what just happened. Oh my GOD!"

"Ok, we're going to put Carla on hold here for a second, we don't want to, panic on the air here."

The screen fades to a wide helicopter shot of numerous tree's with spaghetti like branches drooping to ground.

"I, I don't know-. Ladies and gentleman, you will see these images and you will wonder how so many tree's could be targeted in one night. That's just about the scariest thing you'll see.

Ok lets go to commercials."

The screen cuts to black. An ad for ice cream starts.

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