The Selfless Salesman
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A salesman has a once in a life time offer for this man.

The Selfless Salesman

"I'm so happy with life!" I declared, leaning back into the soft cushion.

"You should be!" Says my wife. You've earned it! You've worked harder than anybody that I know!"

"It's so true."


"Sounds like there's someone at the door!" I say to my wife.

"Come in!"

"Are you sure it's a good idea to let a stranger in our house?"

"I think it should be fine, sweety." She says.

The front door opens and in walks a man wearing a sharp blue suit and carrying a thin binder. He walks over to the couch where we're sitting.

"Good morning, folks!"

"Hi!" We say in unison.

"I have a proposition for you! If you can go outside and pick up all the neighbourhood dog droppings than my company will reward you by using your face on our new billboard downtown!"

"Oh sweety, that's a wonderful offer!"

I pause to consider. I run my tongue over my lips and rub my chin. "Ya know, I don't think that kinda thing is really for me. I've never even picked up poop before!"

"There is a first time for everything, sir!"

"You're right, I'll do it!" I stand and grab the garbage pack that the man hands me. Next moment I'm walking down the street without any shoes looking for dog poop.


The sun is setting by the time I return to my home. I walk into the living room and find my wife and the business man playing tic-tac-toe.

"Oh honey, you're back!"

"I am!" I drop the garbage bag full of dog poop onto the floor before me. The business man puts his hand to his chest.


I walk over and put my hand on my wife's shoulder and address the man. "Looks like you found the right person to fulfill your task!"

"I sure did!"

"I'm also glad to say that I learned to whistle while picking up the poop!" I begin whistling Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' with great zeal. My wife claps and cheers and is so supportive of me.

The End

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