Father VS Daughter
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I don't even like hopscotch. Why do I have to play this game... "Your turn daddy!"

Father VS Daughter

I don't even like hopscotch. Why do I have to play this game...

"Your turn daddy!"

"Uhh. Fine." I hopped forwards on one leg- then two- and then back to one.

"Wow nice job, daddy!"

"Of course it was a nice job! I'm forty seven! You're only 6!"

"Ok my turn!" My daughter hopped across the pavement. She made it half way and then tripped over her own foot. I scoffed under my breath.

"Are you alright?"

"Yah." She said, standing back up. "Your turn!"

"OK- you know what? NO! I'm not going to play this stupid game anymore! I can't stand it!"

"Aw come on, daddy! It's fun!"

"No! You know what would make this game more fun? You wanna know?


"Let's make this interesting and play for some moolah!"


"Yah, that's right! If you win, I'll give you $200. Sound good?


"And if I win, you give me all the birthday money you got from grandma! How does that sound?"

She stopped to think this over for a moment. "Hmm. Okay, deal!"

"Great! I'll go first!" I rolled the dice and then hopped across the ground. I performed beautifully. "Alright, your turn! Let's see what you got!"

My daughters eyes became very focused. She rolled the dice. She took a deep breath and began to hop. She was doing well until once again, she tripped over her own foot and fell to the ground.

"YES! OH MY GOD, YES!!" I screamed. "I WIN!!"

"Do I still have to give you the money?"

"Uh- YAH! Haha come on, we'll stop at the bank on the way home and you can empty your account for me."

"Ok." Moped my daughter, her head hanging as we walked back to the car.

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