Road's End
Road's End horror stories

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The drivers let a random stranger who appears to have been in an accident but find themselves in one instead.

Source: Inspired by BriMeyerArt A short film on Youtube

Road's End

Inspired by BriMeyerArt's short film on Youtube

I look down from the cliff. There was the car, broken in a ditch with the driver lying there. He was definitely dead, once again. I hear another car driving up the side of the mountain.

I check my watch. Perfect timing. My face is covered like usual to keep the drivers from seeing it.

"You alright?" the driver asks.

"Need a ride to the gas station?" he asks again. I'm always to lost in thought to ever respond. I hop in the car as he drives me to the gas station which is about 5 miles away.

He keeps glancing my way, so I quickly check the time when he finally chooses to focus on the road. Not that that will keep him from falling to his doom. Under my bandana "crash.

" The car swerves and drives off. I'm back in the spot I was five minutes ago. I take the covering off my face, revealing blood all over it from the crashes.

Even though I wasn't harmed in the crashes, those people... they were me. I have managed to kill myself from the alternative universes. I can finally not listen to their thoughts.

The loop is over. I jump over the cliff and give a sinister grin at all the bodies lying around me.

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