Where She Runs
Where She Runs cracks stories

kaceymackwriter Words open doors. I like where they lead
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An unsung song of dread. This ones a bit dark.

Where She Runs

Carefully cracks a spider web Between foundations beneath the toes

Who speaks? She yells, a booming canon drowning by the bells

This creaking wood in heels of splinters bemoaned the deadened heart

Kept the feet from falling far, yet her nose be tried in dark

Try flying star inside glass walls where sparks go spluttering out

From the hearth its dying breath screamed the cries devout

By bravery stands her shaking soul, by cowards is her mind

Yet still in silence where neither are, deceptive faith has left her blind

Spice a trail of wind where the corridor winds creates a trap too cold and bland

But ventured past in callous end, stumbling dim by no guided hand.

Hear her haunted screams to none, enchained to the echoing void

Wandering agony sealed by lies, soon buried, left by fiendish voice

Torturous wraith who seeks to hide, by what crevice might you decide

Where foyer twists in corner divides, perhaps the very spot you died

Consider please before your stride, through, she dares, you may defy

Weak resolve is poor design and none find fright a humorous demise

Twisted dungeon, corrupted maze of lies, she knows your raggedly crafted guise

Struggle still for fear bests the wise, still crooked fate is tethered behind her eyes

Help me please, she pleads with pain, fingers raw against the chains

No help for the wicked, they're all to blame, no rest in life but engulfed in flames

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