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I wrote this just now because I wasn't sure what else I could do.

The Unexpected

Right from the start, today seemed off. There was an unbearable weight that seemed to have hung itself over the world and no one would tell us why.

Today our school hangs its head in silence, today we all join hands. Today we’ll all stand here for each other because yesterday we lost a friend.

This morning as we all shuffled our way into school, we were stuffed into the cafeteria with no explanation as to why.

And without another word, we were released again leaving us all to ponder as our teachers simply stood by.

We were given no statements, no reason as to why, until just now, they told us our friend had died.

And now the class is half empty, because many needed space to cry. And the ones who remain have turned their music up louder and focused to their work but no work will be done today.

Today is a day to grieve because we cannot do much else. We’ve lost a friend and our school will never be the same again.

I won’t write about the meaning of death or how it’s much too hard to fathom. Instead, I’ll write about the unexpected and how it can be just so awful and random.

None of us knew it was coming, I mean how could you possibly guess. It’s a train speeding towards you, hitting you dead on because you were already tied to the tracks.

We knew something was wrong but couldn’t guess what and that train flew right through, cutting us in two and leaving for someone else.

Unexpected changes hit and today we’ll all join with our tears.

Today a blanket, woven of pain and sorrows and memories of those taken too soon, will cover us all into tomorrow and we’ll all remember him true to who he is.

He is no longer with us but that doesn’t mean he is no longer our friend. He’s still with us all, just maybe a bit far and we’ll never forget him again.

It’s so sad, the unexpected, when it rips apart what you love. It leaves you torn and in pain and unsure of what you know but above all it leaves you broken.

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