If I Should Die Tomorrow
If I Should Die Tomorrow  tomorrow stories

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This is something that popped into my head tonight so I wrote it down and decided to share it! Please let me know what you think and I’d love to hear any feedback or criticisms that you have as I’d love to improve as a writer! Hope you enjoy the poem because as of now, my sleep deprived brain is not sure if it actually makes any sense!

If I Should Die Tomorrow

If I should die tomorrow Give my love to my friends and my family Tell them, “Thank you, for everything.” “For sticking by my side.”

Tell them, “Chin up, please smile.” “There’s no need to cry.”

If I should die tomorrow I’ll go with no regrets I shall grasp Death’s hand And calmly embrace The darkness

Engulfed by the calm And chilly black If Death should come for me Tomorrow Then spread my ashes Far across the world In every place I wanted to go

If I should die tomorrow Plant a tree in my place And remember me kindly With each fresh breath You take

I haven’t lived long But if I should die tomorrow I will smile at the world Still turning And hope that I left it A better place

I don’t despair for What tomorrow may bring Never has the unknown Seemed quite scary to me

I could be scared of it Everything the future may bring I could quite possibly Die tomorrow Or I could continue living

But if I should die tomorrow Carry on Keep your head held high Don’t live your days The way I did Remember to let Your tears dry

It’s okay to be happy You can allow yourself To smile Don’t dwell on regrets Meant to change the past But allow yourself The fond memories

If Death comes for me In the nearing hours Of tomorrow Or if I call him, to my door Expectantly Let my words live on As legacy

Should I find Death standing At my door Or should I find him knocking On the window

Remember to stop tomorrow And if not for yourself Then smile for me Because as I’ve learned While on the Earth

A single tear Is a wasted second But a smile?

A smile is a lifelong Memory

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