Hello My Name Is: Things I Never Intended To Write Down
Hello My Name Is: Things I Never Intended To Write Down mentalhealth stories

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If you are someone like me who suffers from mental health, you know what it feels like to be alone. If you are someone who doesn't understand it, then you should read this personal story. I guarantee you, you won't regret it

Hello My Name Is: Things I Never Intended To Write Down

Hello, my name is Anxiety! And I have come to destroy you. I take over when depression does not accomplish the mission. You see, anxiety knows your EVERY weakness.

The way you see yourself in the mirror, the way the world views you, you think people are out to get you, you think your friends are always talking about you whenever you're around,

that's me---I have anxiety, for years I've struggled with anxiety, I wouldn't say it only gets me at my worst.

But at every public event, it doesn't matter if it's a birthday party, a concert, or an open mic session! Anxiety somehow finds its way creeping itself into my atmosphere.

That's when I start to shut down. I feel the eyes of people looking at me, even though they're not. That's what anxiety does to you.

It makes you want to crawl into a deep enough hole beneath the earth's surface. So far down you hope nobody notices you've left.

But don't worry anxiety isn't the only one! Your world becomes dark and full of hopelessness! With anxiety around it only makes matters worse! Your insecurities get worse!

So, you hide, trying to getaway! But it follows you! Just like anxiety, it's the one sending you messages telling you "you're not loved, and you know it!" "I will get in your head!

" "your medication will not save you this time!" Now depression fully introduces itself.

Hello, my name is Depression. And I've come to make your life a living hell! I will make sure your existence here on earth more miserable than it already is.

It doesn't matter how many therapy sessions you have or how great your psychiatrist is on giving you ways to cope with me! I still will always be there! Even when you think I'm gone. I'm not.

I'm the dark alley that never ends.

It's like you're the puppet and depression is pulling your strings, you no longer make any of your decisions anymore! Suddenly, you feel a total loss of who you really are.

You always force a smile on your face when family is around, but no one knows the truth about what's really going on! They don't see the pain or suffering! And the cries inside you are silent!

That's when friends, family, and people you don't even know start telling you, "it'll get better!". But the fact is, those who don't have it, just don't' understand.

So, they can't lie and tell me "I understand what you're going through" because they don't. The things that go through your mind. It's like you're an actor playing as yourself.

The one that always forces themselves to smile! It takes away everything and leaves you in a town in the middle of nowhere called isolation, which is better off being called No Man's Land.

You become isolated so long that you start to push everyone away. Your friends, the one that always truly knew decide to stick around.

That friend notices how you've been acting and wats to help but you're scared! Scared she'll see the scars. But you let her in.

She tells you "it's going to be okay", just like the others have said. So, you push her away.

Different thoughts begin to pop up in your head! You start to believe you're a burden to everyone, including yourself.

You start to think those thoughts again! And the worst one of them all finally decides to show up at the party!

Hello, my name is Suicide! And you will not stop me until my job is done. That voice in your head shows up and it sees your smooth skin! Your smooth skin is no longer pure...

but that blade now has blood on it.

Now you hide your scars with long sleeve shirts and flinch when people touch your arms! You go back to isolation and find yourself stuck in a world that's not worth living!

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